We cater our programs for every individuals wants and needs. No two clients are the same, so the training sessions shouldn’t be either! We train all ages, women, men and kids alike. Through safe and effective training, we can help you reach any goal you have in mind!


Some people are encouraged by working out with a partner rather than committing to a goal on their own. Find a friend, set a schedule and come in for a great training program that will still be dedicated to the individuals capabilities.


PRE-NATAL: During Pregnancy exercise should aim to increase the heart rate steadily and improve circulation. The training should help keep the body flexible and strong. By training throughout your pregnancy your body should be able to support and control healthy weight gain. Prenatal training is vital to help prepare the muscles for labor and birth. Benefits include but are not limited to; shortening the labor process, increase chance of natural birth, decrease the need for pain relief, speed up the recovery, decrease the risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension, decrease the likelihood of preterm labor and birth.

POST-NATAL: Your core will be stretched and/or even separated. Diastasis occurs during many pregnancies. Rebuilding core strength is very important. Once the baby is delivered the meridian connected to the pelvic floor- foot arches, inner calf muscles, adductors, and pelvic floor- all need to be retrained and rebuilt post pregnancy. Balance training is very important to rebuild in addition to strength.Patience and diligence is necessary to achieve one’s goals post delivery. It may take up to a year or more post delivery to “regain your body back” as the body is experiencing all the physical changes of motherhood.

Personal Stretch

Benefits of an assisted stretch-

  1. Increases Joint range of motion (ROM)
  2. Help improve movement quality
  3. Reduce risk of injury
  4. Decrease total body stiffness
  5. Improve muscular imbalances
  6. Reduce Stress

25 Min Stretch Session-

Receive a full body stretch that solely focuses on major muscle groups. Clients have the option to focus on a specific area of the body for 25 minutes based on client needs and areas of concern.

50 Min Stretch Session-

Receive a deep and extensive total body stretch for 50 minutes. This includes major muscle groups, upper and lower extremities, low back, and neck. Consider the 50 minute stretch if you are looking for total body relief.